couple reading love songs on the sofa at home in living room

Why Read Love Songs to Your Spouse

Introduction for Married Couples

Congratulations on your marriage!

As a married couple, you are traveling on a marvelous journey of the heart. You are committed to loving each other for the rest of your lives.

You are in love with each other now. And you want that love to stay alive and continue throughout the rest of your marriage.

The Ever-Present Threat of Wilted Flowers in Your Marriage

Do you know what one of the lurking problems in a loving marriage is?

Wilted flowers.

When spouses lose their ability to express their love to one another, their communication dries up.

Just like wilted flowers.

This can happen after years of “knowing” each other.

Wilted communication leads to dried up love.

It falls apart and becomes barren.

Alienation, isolation, withdrawal, and separation follow. The petals of friendship and love fall off when the words of love are silent.

So how do you prevent this wilted communication?

How do you keep the garden of your marriage fresh with new blossoms of love?

That’s the purpose of reading love songs together.

This practice can help you express love out loud – by speaking loving words to each other.

If you follow the practice of speaking loving words to each other, even as little as 2 minutes a day, your love will grow stronger and deeper.

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