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Learning the Language of Love Songs for Your Marriage

The lyrics of love songs are love poems that are full of love words.

And,  you don’t have to sing the song lyrics, you can read them, too.

Reading and hearing love poems that are part of a song have a special effect on us.

 Why We Love Being Read To

Do you remember the stories you heard when you were a child? 


Your mom or your dad, maybe grandma or grandpa, or even a favorite relative read stories to you. 


Close your eyes and picture your favorite place to hear that story. It was a very comfortable place to sit, or maybe you were in bed. 


They opened a beautiful storybook and started reading a story to you. 


Remember that story?


Many times, those stories had happy endings. Or they might have had fun rhymes in them like the poems of Dr. Seuss. Hearing a story and being read to by a special person was a special time in your life.


Okay, you can open your eyes now.


Hearing a story is a treat for our imagination. We can close our eyes and imagine the pictures of the story. The words we hear create a unique place in our brain and our feelings.


All of these experiences are locked inside of our memories. When we are read to, all of those childhood experiences make us ready for a new one – the story we’re hearing now.


Love Songs Have Rhythm

Like many of the stories, we heard as children, love songs are poems without music. Love songs tell a story with a happy ending.


Love songs have words that rhyme with a pleasant sound. The words are soothing and calm. They bring joy-filled pictures to mind.


Hearing a love song without the music lets us picture what the words really mean.

We can listen to the words clearly. We can understand the words that are being read. There is no music to get in the way, just the words of love and goodness.


Love Songs Evoke Intimacy

Saying the words “I love you” is expected in a marriage. These are intimate words. 


But we didn’t invent them. We heard “I love you” from other people who loved us. We learned to say those words and repeat them to the special people in our life.


Reading love songs to each other is a precious time together. By reading something so close, you feel a special connection. You feel a bond of love with your spouse. This is an intimate time together that is just for you and your spouse.


Love Songs Are Personal

A love song is a personal story from one lover to another. In a marriage, one spouse is speaking from the heart to the other spouse.


A husband speaks love words to his wife. 


A wife returns those love words to her husband. 


This is a precious time of sharing a unique bond with each other.


Reading love songs to each other recalls the commitment you made to each other. The story and pictures of your wedding day come back to mind. You belong to each other. The love song reinforces that feeling of connection.


Reading love songs to each other makes you feel secure with each other. This is a time that no one else has. It’s a priceless time between the two of you. This time is just for the two of you – one of the most profound feelings you can share.


Love Songs Put Love in Your House

Reading love songs puts love in the air. Your voice sends out sound waves full of positive words that come from the songs you read. The echo fills your heart and mind with the wonder of each other.


Love songs have endearing and enduring sentiments. When you read love songs, you are reading a love story and retelling it to each other. You are remembering to continue the love story that you started on your wedding day. You are creating new memories for the future.



Being read to reminds you of the happy stories of childhood. When you read love songs to each other, you are recreating your own happy story in your marriage.


Love songs are poems without music. They are pleasant to hear and soothing to your heart.


Reading a love song to your spouse is a special way to say, “I love you.” You can take the words to heart into your own marriage.


Love songs are personal. They are a spouse-to-spouse story that is your very own.


Reading love songs puts love in the air of your house. 


Speaking positive words puts an echo in your life. 


You are creating memories for years to come – your own love story.


Make it a habit to read a love song every day. Tell your own unforgettable love story.

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