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The Four Principles of Reading Love Songs Out Loud

What is the best love song that you never heard? 

That sounds ridiculous, and it is. How can you have a favorite love song if you can’t hear the words or the music?  

A love song becomes your favorite when it means something to you. Then, you can read it to your loved one, too.

Principle One. Use the Process of Reading Out Loud

Reading a love song is a process. Five steps help you get the most out of reading a love song and communicating it to your spouse. Let’s review these steps. 

One. Take a deep breath. Relax. This is time to let yourself feel love toward your spouse.

Two. Look at each other. Lovingly make eye contact.

Three. Hold or touch each other. Make physical contact. Touching helps you feel connected while you read a love song.

Four. Smile at your lover. Let your spouse know that she or he is remarkable at this moment. A smile is an excellent way to do this.

Five. Let yourself feel love toward your spouse. This is an intimate time of bonding. So enjoy the feelings that you have. That way, your spouse will feel your love and feel closer to you.

The Three Ways of Reading Out Loud

There are three ways you can read love songs to each other.

First, read the love poem to your spouse. Let your voice be enthusiastic, caring, and kind.

Second, allow your spouse to read a love song to you. Relax and let those words enter your heart.

Third, you and your spouse can alternate reading the verses and the refrain of the love song. You may start with the first verse, and your spouse may read the refrain or vice versa.

Principle Two: Know the Secrets of Time and Timing

You want to make sure that you allow enough time to make reading love songs meaningful. You want to make sure that your timing is right so that you and your spouse are open to receiving those love words.

How do you do this? It’s simple. First, keep it short. Read a short love poem that lasts only a minute or two. That way, you can focus on the words without feeling rushed.

Second, create a romantic mood. Make sure that you have a quiet environment for sitting together. Light a candle and dim the lamps. Play soft, instrumental background music. Whatever you do, make sure that you have a romantic mood present.

Third, have a regular place where you can read to each other. This might be in bed, on the living room couch, or in an area that you both enjoy. 

Read to each other outdoors, sitting at a picnic table, lying on a blanket in the backyard, or in a hammock.

Fourth, schedule a regular time for your reading. This might be early in the morning before you both get up. It might be after breakfast. Or perhaps in the evening just after dinner. An excellent time is at bedtime, just before you go to sleep. Make your time regular so that it becomes a habit.

Fifth, read to each other at special times like anniversaries, holidays, or even the weddings that you attend. This helps reinforce your own marriage, and the wedding vows you exchanged with each other.

Principle Three: Get Rid of Distractions.

There are lots of distractions in daily living. We are constantly bombarded by advertisements. Mobile phones, text messages, emails, radio, and TV send a constant stream of chatter our way.

You need to put these aside, so you can be alone with each other.

Remember, reading love songs to each other is for just the two of you. So make sure that nothing comes in the way.

Turn off the phone. Make sure that the kids are in another part of the house or away. Turn off the television, the radio, or the Internet. Make sure that you are focusing on each other.

Principle Four: Focus on Feeling Love

Let go of other feelings that get in the way of feeling joy and love at the moment. There’s no need for anger, fear, anxiety, or any different emotion at this time.

Remember your wedding day and the feelings you had for each other then. Then, let those feelings come to life again as you read together.

Consider this a moment of romance. This is a time when you connect with each other in an intimate way. Let that romantic feeling feel your heart.

Love is the reason you are together as husband and wife. You married each other to give and receive love. Speaking love to one another by reading a love song helps you live out that love aloud.

There you have it – the four principles of reading love songs. It only takes a minute or two a day to rekindle your love for each other powerfully. 

Then, you can carry those flames of love into the rest of your day. Try it. You will like it.


Reading love songs together is precious time. Make sure that you make it a priority for your marriage.

Use the five-step process of reading love songs. Make sure to relax, look at each other, hold hands, smile at each other, and let yourself feel the love. Read a love song to your spouse. Let your spouse read to you. Alternate reading verses and refrains.

Choose the right time and timing. Keep the love song short and establish a romantic environment. Use a regular place and a standard time to read love songs together. Remember the power of special times like anniversaries, holidays, and weddings.

Clear out the distractions. Focus on the love that you have for each other. It only takes a minute or two a day to create a deep feeling of connection.

Reading love songs to each other puts you in touch with the music of love in your heart. Let your marriage sing out the incredible love you have for each other.

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