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How to Use Short Love Songs to Read to Your Spouse

Okay. Now, you are ready to start reading love songs to each other.

Let’s review where you are, what you have learned, and where you can go from here.

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Learning the Language of Love Songs for Your Marriage

The Four Principles of Reading Love Songs Out Loud

And you do want to read these songs out loud to each other. You want to “express” your love in words and then in action to one another.

In a marriage, love speaks out loud.

As husband and wife, you grow the garden of your marriage in every season and climate of life.

One of your most productive growing tasks is to speak your love out loud to each other.

That is why reading love songs out loud to one another gets you started.

When you read love songs to one another, day after day, you create a wonderful habit – and a practice.

Every love song has a refrain and one or more verses.

The refrain might start at the beginning of a song or it might follow after a verse of the song.

An excellent strategy is to find a volume of love song lyrics or love poems that you can read every day.

You can repeat the same song or read a different song each day.

There are pluses and minuses to doing both.

When you read the same song day after day, the plus is that you get to know the words by heart. 

If that song is a favorite, then you may enjoy doing that.

The minus is that you or your spouse can get bored hearing the same words every day.

Another approach is to read a different song each day for a month. 

That would be 31 songs in a month, which can add some variety and new insights to your marriage.

Read one song a day for a month. You can read more than one if you wish.

Just make sure to keep up the practice of reading at least one song together.

You will like some love songs better than others, and that’s fine.

Make a note of your favorite songs and keep speaking those words to each other.

When you come across a “historical” love song written by someone else,  look at your own history as a couple.

What have you experienced that is like that song? Then, talk to each other about that memory.

Keep that memory alive with love as your marriage grows.

You married each other to love each other for the rest of your lives. So, get started right now – speak your love out loud for just two minutes a day – every day.

Would you like to learn where you can find a book of 32 different love song lyrics that you can read to your spouse? 

I’d like to introduce you to Joe Cummins, who wrote more than 1,300 songs during his lifetime. 

He wrote many love songs to his wife Aggie; they were married for 60 years.

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