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Reading the Love Songs of Joe Cummins

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Joe Cummins was a remarkable man.

He was a simple man.

A hard worker who worked for years as a maintenance supervisor at a local community college.

Joe lived in Janesville, Wisconsin, and married Agnes Cerny. They were husband and wife for 60 years. They had no children, and they loved each other deeply.

Joe passed away in November 2009. His wife Ag missed him dearly, and she joined him in heaven on his birthday, September 19, 2010.

Joe loved his family, his Catholic parish of St. Williams, and his community.

He served in the Rock County Sheriff Reserve and as an elected member of the Rock County Board of Supervisors.

He was a member of the Janesville Moose Club, where he served as the music chairperson for the club dances.

Joe loved people and he loved music.

After Joe and Ag died, we inherited their house. To our surprise, we discovered that Joe wrote song lyrics. Hundreds of them. All in all, Joe registered more than 1,300 song lyrics with the Library of Congress.

Joe wrote many of these songs when he was in his 70’s and 80’s. He poured out a lifetime of wisdom into lines of rhymes. But he never published them.

Joe wrote because he loved music.

But we also believe that he wrote for you. Joe wanted people to be happy and love each other. His legacy is to help you experience more closeness and love in your marriage.

That’s why we published his collection of love songs for you.

To encourage you to express your love to each other.

To help you speak your love out loud to one another.

To celebrate the wonderful gift of marriage that you have – every day.

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