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A Love Letter Between Husband and Wife

A love letter between husband and wife is an intimate revelation on paper between a married couple that serves one of life’s most treasured moments.

Transforming the Fear of Dying

When I was writing “Song of Our Marriage,” I began experiencing a time with a great deal of anxiety that my wife would die and I would be left alone.

This feeling came in waves from time to time and then it would subside.

The funny thing was that my wife was in very good health and had no serious challenges.

While this was a difficult period, I shared my feelings with a friend, who suggested that I share my feelings of how much I loved my wife in a letter.

So, I learned how to write a positive and loving letter that mirrored the themes from the lyrics of the Song of Our Marriage.

Sharing that love letter was a treasured moment with my wife.

It began a transformation where I could consciously and intentionally share my heart with her on paper by writing a love letter between husband and wife.

If you are deeply in love with your spouse, you’ll find that she is worth dying for. (Did you see the post, “Something Worth Dying For?”

Treasuring Leaves a Legacy

Much later, I learned about a “legacy letter” which is an intentional letter that people write to their loved ones to be opened after they die so that they know how much they are loved.

This became my “legacy letter” to my wife, which meant that I told her how much she meant to me, in many aspects of my life.

The only difference was that she knew it now, while I am still alive.

Another treasured moment was the birth of our first and only child, a beautiful, child-of-wonder named Emily.

We were married for 16 years before Emily was born.

My wife was 42 at the time and had a difficult pregnancy.

I remember writing her a heart-felt letter appreciating her willingness to have a child that late in life, knowing that a signficant change in lifestyle was coming.

We went from a two-income household to one income, and my wife stepped “over” from a top corporate travel agent to become a stay-at-home mom.

As the last seven years are passed, my admiration has grown as I’ve seen her nurture, teach and lead our child as she grows up.

Write Short Love Letters

And I have found many, many occasions to write brief love letters for each of these treasured moments.

To be treasured, a love letter between husband and wife doesn’t have to be long.

It can be a couple of sentences in length, written on fine stationery or even on a 50 cent card from Dollar Tree.

Knowing how to write a positive and loving letter is not hard.

As long as you are aware of the impact that your wife has on you and your family, and are grateful for it, the words come spontaneously.

That is what is remarkable about a love letter between husband and wife: it can literally write itself.

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