How to Use a Map of Pregnancy to Write More Love Notes to Your Expecting Woman

You’ve just read about how to write a love letter and treasuring note to your woman when she discovers she is pregnant.

That moment of discovery is precious, and it is the first moment of the pregnancy journey.

The pregnancy journey starts with the conception of your child and ends when your baby is born.

Then, a new journey of infancy will begin.

You are a new dad when your woman discovers she is carrying your child.

And your role is to provide support throughout the entire pregnancy journey, which normally lasts 39 weeks.

Whether it’s your first child or several later, your wife needs to hear your love and support throughout the entire pregnancy.

You can write a treasuring note to your wife when you learn about the pregnancy.

And, what’s even more important, is to keep writing those notes and being present to her through the entire 39 weeks.

But, do you know what words to write and when?

The very first step is to know where she is on the pregnancy journey and what her unique experience is.

That means paying attention, asking her how she is feeling, and then understanding her situation.

There are lots of things that can happen when she is pregnant.

You can educate yourself by reading books about pregnancy, like “Your Pregnancy Week by Week” by Dr. Glade Curtis and Judith Schuler.

The Pregnancy Map at the top of this post shows some of the major things that can happen during your pregnancy.

It’s like a treasure map, where “X” marks the spot where the treasure is.

Except the “X” is your baby’s birth, when you can see him or her for the first time, just like digging up a precious treasure.

In between your baby’s conception and birth are 39 weeks or about 280 days.

Your wife can experience all kinds of emotions, physical changes, challenges with her self-image, and self-esteem.

You can provide support and love by admiring her, encouraging her, and appreciating her. 

Your positive messages in the little treasuring notes that you write can add up to push away fear, anxiety, and depression.

You write and tell her how much you care about her and are there for her during your pregnancy.

Here’s an example of a treasuring message to write when your wife is feeling depressed about gaining weight and feeling unattractive at the same time.

Consider This Example

My darling Jessie,

You are so precious to me! I realize that you have been feeling down because you’ve gained weight during our pregnancy.

I want you to know that you look fabulous to me. You are carrying our precious little treasure. Your body is strong to protect and carry our child to a healthy birth.

I am love you, no matter how you feel or with the temporary changes you are experiencing. I am so glad that we are together.

I’m here for you. I’ve got your back—and all of you!

All my love,


Your wife will treasure you for your ongoing love and encouragement.

For your love letters and treasuring notes.

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