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Unconditional Love: Why Your Marriage Needs It

Is unconditional love a part of your daily living?

Many relationship experts like John Gottman, marriage counselors, psychologists and therapists agree on one thing.

Love offers the most powerful healing force in relationships.

Making a difference with a love letter is one way to release that healing force in your marriage.

However, love is often misunderstood.

Love Can Mean Many Things

Love of friends often means being nice to those who are nice to us.

Boyfriends and girlfriends say, “I love you” when they start to get serious with each other.

Married love implies a lifelong commitment to one spouse that begins when a woman and a man exchange wedding promises.

Family love starts when parents have a child and dedicate their time, energy and affection to raising children.

Today, many people suffer because they lack unconditional love and are addicted to conditional love.

The Danger of Conditional Love

That is, many relationships are based on liking someone only if they receive affection and attention first.

Conditional love means that you have to “earn” someone’s love, attention, affection, and kindness by pleasing others.

Conditional love leads to the feeling of being judged – another human being determines our worth and value.

Anxiety and fear, especially in children, teens and vulnerable adults result from conditional love.

Every person deserves dignity and respect for being born as a human being.

The Effect of Unconditional (Agape) Love

In the New Testament of the Bible, agape love is the type of love that Jesus taught His disciples to practice.

Agape love is unconditional love – love that is freely given without expecting something in return.

Jesus revealed God’s love in a new way by focusing his life, teachings, and commitment to the unconditional love that God gives.

Jesus grew up in the Jewish tradition and learned the Hebrew scriptures.

One of the most well-known Jewish prophets was Isaiah, who preached God’s love to the Jews in Exile.

One of the most famous writings by this prophet can be found in chapter 43 of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah:

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name and you are mine,” and “because you are precious in my eyes and because I love you.”

God’s Unconditional Love Can Be Present in Your Marriage

During his life, Jesus taught his followers and the people of his time through parables or stories and by his healing actions.

Several of his powerful miracles brought sight to those who were blind.

The unconditional love of Jesus is still alive today, healing to those who seek him out.

Unconditional love is an exception of mercy – not being judged by humans but freely honored and given by God.

Your marriage is a reflection of this unconditional love.

Make it your sacred duty to practice agape love with your spouse.

She and he are precious in God’s eyes – and in yours!

(By the way, you can write a treasured marriage greeting to a newlywed couple at their wedding. Read this post to get a few ideas.)

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