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Make a Difference with a Love Letter to Your Wife

Writing a love letter can be like playing with scrabble tiles.

You can pick out the right tile to spell a word and score points when that word fits on the playing board.

When you exchange a written love letter with your wife, you score points in your relationship.

Personal love letters are one of the oldest forms of communication between a husband and wife.

Writing a personal love letter takes time, thought and energy.

In fact, the success of marriage enrichment programs like Marriage Encounter depends upon the willingness to write your positive feelings to your spouse.

A personal love letter is a form of everyday honeymoon that you can give freely to your wife.

Many husbands ask, “How do I write a love letter to my wife? I don’t know what to say or where to begin”

It’s easy, once you know the occasion and just begin with what you want to say.

The key part of the question, what is the “best thing” to say, needs a little explanation.

Writing a love letter for your wife begins with knowing the occasion and timing of three things.

What is the Trigger for Your Love Letter?

First, know what is triggering you to write a letter.

Is it gratitude for a gift of service, sacrifice for the family?

Is it admiration for persistence in loving a stubborn and difficult child?

Is it a major anniversary, a birthday or even a holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Maybe there is a difficult situation she is dealing with, like infertility.

What is the Context of Your Love Letter?

Once you determine the occasion, you can begin to write a love letter in a context that will be meaningful to your wife.

A love letter between husband and wife is an intimate revelation that serves one of life’s most treasured moments.

To be treasured, a love letter between husband and wife doesn’t have to be very long.

It can be a couple of sentences in length, written on fine stationery or even on a 50 cent card from Dollar Tree.

What Positive Words Can You Write in Your Love Letter?

Knowing how to write a positive and loving letter is not hard.

As long as you are aware of the impact that your wife has on you and your family, and are grateful for it, the words come spontaneously.

Learning how to write a positive and loving letter to your wife is challenged by the influence of how men are viewed in TV shows and movies.

Despite the negative influence and depiction of husbands, you have the power to choose.

You can succeed by shaping your thinking with positive associations, monitoring your thinking to encourage positive thoughts and develop your “love vocabulary” so that writing love letters become easier and more enjoyable to do.

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