Treasuring Notes

Happy Asian Chinese wedding dinner reception, bride and groom champagne toasting, natural candid photo.

What to Write for a Marriage Greeting

Have you ever been stumped for words when you are attending a wedding and it’s your desire (or your turn) to write a marriage greeting on the wedding card? Maybe the groom is a friend of yours and you need to write a marriage greeting to him that is heartfelt, not just the “Good Luck, […]

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Happy woman with pregnancy test

How to Write Love Letters and Love Notes to Your Pregnant Wife

Imagine your phone ringing. It may be your mobile phone or your work number. It’s your wife! You hear her voice start with, “I have something to tell you…” “We’re going to have a baby!” This is great news! Whether it’s your first child or several later, your wife needs to hear your love and […]

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