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How to Write a Birthing Day Love Letter

When you love your wife, you can find any significant occasion to write a love letter that will touch her heart and make her glad that you are her husband.

When you treat your wife well, by remembering those special times in your life, she will appreciate you so much more.

If you have children and want to earn your wife’s admiration on their birthdays, write her a birthing day love letter.

Now that the days for writing a pregnancy note are over, you can still recall the precious moment of birth on a day besides Mother’s Day.

That day is your child’s birthday – or your wife’s birthing day.

The birthday celebrates the child.

The birthing day praises the mom.

Follow these five tips to write a letter that she will keep and read as the years go by:

1. Be on time with the correct date. If you can’t remember the time of day when your child was born, look at your child’s birth certificate. Then, include the time in your letter.

2. Recall something funny about the day your child was born. For example, it might have been a blizzard or a downpour or the nurse with the funny stockings was cracking jokes with you.

3. Recall a feeling that you had and write about it. Maybe you were nervous about the delivery or happy about seeing your new child’s face.

4. Tell your wife how much your child takes after her and give proof. No matter how old your child is, he or she has some positive traits that your wife taught him or her.

5. Write your love letter with words that value your wife as your partner in raising your child and reaffirm your love for her.

Example of a Birthing Day Love Letter

My darling Gail,

Today is a very special day in our marriage. 15 years ago, you gave birth to our lovely daughter Anne. She has been a wonderful daughter and I love both of you very much. You and Anne bring so much joy to our marriage and to my life.

Anne has your laugh and her eyes twinkle like yours do when she giggles. She is growing up into a lovely woman because of your positive example.

I remember the day when Anne was born. Our dog Daisy got as sick as you did during your pregnancy and I was worried I would have two deliveries going on. Fortunately, Daisy wasn’t pregnant – but you were! We rushed to the hospital at 8:30 a.m. and the doctors were amazed at the very quick labor – Anne was out in only 30 minutes! That was at 9:00 a.m. when most people go to work, your labor was done!

I felt so relieved. When I held her for the first time, bathed her and laid her in the nursery, I knew that she would be in good care with you as her mother.

So, like with Anne’s birthday, I honor you on her birth anniversary. Happy Birthing Day to you with all my heart!

All my love,


Make your wife feel special on the day your children were born. Write her a note on their birthdays.

Write something funny that happened on the day of their birth.

Recall a special feeling you had when your child was born.

Show how your child has some of your wife’s beauty.

Reaffirm your love for your wife and her precious role as a mother.

If you really want to score some points, write a birthing day thank you letter to your mother-in-law on your wife’s birthday.

Just remember, when you write a happy birthing day love letter to your wife, you are telling her how much you cherish her and your child.

All three of you will win.

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