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Something Worth Dying For

Loving your spouse goes well beyond just words and songs. The other half of saying is doing. Doing unconditional love deeds. Actions that spring from love letters and love songs. Is your marriage worth laying down your life for? Read this wonderful story by Matt Forck, published through Insight of the Day at the end […]

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Unconditional Love: Why Your Marriage Needs It

Is unconditional love a part of your daily living? Many relationship experts like John Gottman, marriage counselors, psychologists and therapists agree on one thing. Love offers the most powerful healing force in relationships. Making a difference with a love letter is one way to release that healing force in your marriage. However, love is often […]

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Circles Without End

Read Along Love Song Lyrics: Circles Without End The gold in your wedding ring was made to last – as a circle without end. The promises you and your spouse made on your wedding day can be renewed every day of your married life together. Watch this two-minute video and read this love song about […]

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Circle of Love

Read-Along Love Song Lyrics: Circle of Love Your wedding ring is a lasting promise you made to your spouse. That promise is a circle of love that doesn’t fade, as long as you polish it with your care and attention. Watch this two-minute video and read this poem about the love in your marriage with […]

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How to Write a Birthing Day Love Letter

When you love your wife, you can find any significant occasion to write a love letter that will touch her heart and make her glad that you are her husband. When you treat your wife well, by remembering those special times in your life, she will appreciate you so much more. If you have children […]

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What to Write for a Marriage Greeting

Have you ever been stumped for words when you are attending a wedding and it’s your desire (or your turn) to write a marriage greeting on the wedding card? Maybe the groom is a friend of yours and you need to write a marriage greeting to him that is heartfelt, not just the “Good Luck, […]

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Eight Rules to Write Your Words of Love to Your Spouse

Imagine playing a game of cards, where you have all the aces. You can play your aces one at a time. Each time you place an ace, you get more and more excited. After all, you have all four. Finally, when you play the last ace, you reach for the prize. But you don’t get […]

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Make a Difference with a Love Letter to Your Wife

Writing a love letter can be like playing with scrabble tiles. You can pick out the right tile to spell a word and score points when that word fits on the playing board. When you exchange a written love letter with your wife, you score points in your relationship. Personal love letters are one of […]

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How to Write a Love Letter to a Wife with Infertility

The Chicago Tribune published a very interesting article in the April 2 2007 edition of its Tempo Section, titled, “Blast from the Past: The Tale of the Oldest Song Ever.” According to the article, Dr. Theo J.H. Krispijn, professor of Assyriology at Leiden University in the Netherlands, sang a 3,200 year old song inscribed on […]

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How to Write Love Letters and Love Notes to Your Pregnant Wife

Imagine your phone ringing. It may be your mobile phone or your work number. It’s your wife! You hear her voice start with, “I have something to tell you…” “We’re going to have a baby!” This is great news! Whether it’s your first child or several later, your wife needs to hear your love and […]

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How Loving Thoughts Help You Outstanding Love Letters

Every four years, they come from across the globe. They have trained every day for hours and hours. They have imagined crossing the finish line first, climbing on a platform and having the gold ribbon hung around their necks. Yes, they aim to win first prize at the Olympics in their sport. They want to […]

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Yellow sign on road that reads "Never Stop Loving"

Husbands, Can You Write a Better Love Letter to Your Wife?

Writing a love letter for your wife can be like encountering a “Stop Sign” on the road. The trick is – don’t stop! It seems that all signs scream at you to just stop. So what do you do? Why you keep going. And if you don’t know how, you look for directions. Many men […]

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A Love Letter Between Husband and Wife

A love letter between husband and wife is an intimate revelation on paper between a married couple that serves one of life’s most treasured moments. Transforming the Fear of Dying When I was writing “Song of Our Marriage,” I began experiencing a time with a great deal of anxiety that my wife would die and […]

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